This TripleFit Workout Will Torch Calories And Rev Up Your Metabolism

Take your cardiovascular fitness to the next level with EnduroFit at TripleFit.

Do you find cardio-based workouts dull and monotonous? Well, getting your cardio fix doesn’t have to be a snooze fest. There are many activities you can do beyond conventional exercises, like running, brisk walking and swimming.

EnduroFit, available at TripleFit, is definitely one workout worth exploring. The 45-minute class comprises interval training with a focus on cardio-type exercises. You’ll use equipment like rowing machines, air bikes and SkiErgs (the machine’s movements mimic cross-country skiing), as well as tools such as jump ropes, sleds and kettlebells. You’ll alternate between doing the exercises and having short rest periods under the guidance of an instructor.

What’s unique about EnduroFit is that it incorporates heart rate training. All participants wear a Polar fitness tracker that documents how hard their heart is working in real time.

The objective is to exercise at 75 to 85 per cent of your maximum heart rate (that’s 200 minus your age) to help you build your aerobic base and efficiency while torching calories. Everyone’s progress will be projected onto a screen for easy reference so you’ll know when you need to ramp things up to get your heart rate in the right zone. This class is suitable for all levels; everyone from total beginners to those who work out regularly will benefit from this class.

TripleFit is at #02-63 Millenia Walk. Other than EnduroFit, there are a variety of other workouts that can help to improve your balance, endurance and strength. That’s not all. TripleFit is more than a gym. It also boosts an impressive retail zone, with the latest activewear from premium sports brands.

Swiss running shoe label On, Japanese high-performance compression wear brand C3fit and American sportswear label Under Armour are just a handful of the notable names.

Healthy food that’s perfect as post-workout nosh is also readily available. A kiosk with customised protein shakes and wholesome bites stands right at the entrance of TripleFit. For more information, visit

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