This Pure Yoga Workout Will Help You Get Rid Of Water Retention & Bloating

Look and feel slimmer after just one hour of this Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga.

Eliminate bloating and puffiness in this one-hour Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga. Photos: Pure Yoga Singapore

What if the extra weight you’re carrying around is not all due to fat, but also *gulp* water retention?

You may think that water retention happens only to sodium lovers and pregnant women, but the truth is, most of us have some form of puffiness – whether it’s in the face, arms or legs.

We tend to feel bloated in the few days leading up to our periods. Those on birth control pills and certain types of medication may experience more fluid retention than usual. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods also causes your legs and ankles to swell.

While we all know that the key to reducing water retention is to move more and drink lots of H2O, there’s one super effective thing you can do to get rid of puffiness, pronto: Join the Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga.

It takes just one hour. Plus, you get to burn calories while improving strength, balance, stamina and flexibility, as well as tone your whole body.

Detox Flow at Pure Yoga

The Detox flow class at Pure Yoga is held in a heated room of 35 to 38 deg C.

Conducted in a heated room, Detox Flow is a yoga class that focuses on stimulating the digestive system to help the body detox. In one hour, you’ll do a sun salutation-type sequence that involves lots of twisting, bending and stretching poses that massage the digestive organs.

Think bow pose, revolved chair pose, revolved side angle pose, and plenty of forward folds. The poses are effective yet beginner-friendly. Even if you’re fairly new to yoga, you’ll be able to keep up.

Be prepared to sweat buckets in the Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga.

Prayanama (breathing exercises), chanting and meditation may be included in this class, but not full inversions. The focus here is to move fluidly from pose to pose.

Expect to sweat buckets (bye toxins!), as the yoga flow is fast-paced and will elevate your heart rate within minutes. At 35 to 38 deg C, the room temperature is ideal for warming up your muscles and letting you break a sweat without feeling light-headed. It feels much more comfortable than in a Bikram yoga studio.

Do all sorts of twisting and bending moves in the Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga.

Thanks to all the twisting and bending movements, you might find yourself wanting to fart or burp during the class. No judgment!

Make sure to increase your water intake before and after class. Post-workout, you will feel like peeing more often – perfectly normal, by the way. Urinating is one of the best ways to detox, as it flushes out waste and excess fluids in your body.

Don’t be surprised if you keep wanting to pee after the Detox Flow class at Pure Yoga.

If you often feel bloated or constipated, you’ll be glad to know that the poses in this Detox Flow class will improve digestion and get those bowels moving too!

The Detox Flow class is available at all Pure Yoga studios: Asia Square Tower 2, Ngee Ann City, Chevron House and Suntec City (opening in Q2 2018). For a trial class, visit

Pure Yoga at Suntec City

Chill out in the lounge at Pure Yoga Suntec City*.

Like the other Pure Yoga studios in Singapore, this new studio in Suntec City will offer a comprehensive range of yoga classes, including meditation and restorative types of yoga. Over 130 classes will be held weekly, with more than 20 yoga styles taught.

Spanning 11,000 square feet, this studio has four rooms, and features the well-loved spacious changing area with rainforest showers, spin dryer, plush towels, all-natural toiletries and a luxurious vanity salon – all of which have become a hallmark of Pure Yoga.

Grab a healthy smoothie at nood food juice and snack bar in Pure Yoga Suntec City*.

To complement its classes, Pure Yoga Suntec City has nood food juice bar that sells wholesome smoothies, slow-pressed juices, fresh sandwiches and snacks – a great grab-and-go option for busy people.

Shop the latest Pure Apparel activewear at Pure Yoga Suntec City*.

Need some retail therapy? Go ahead and shop the latest Pure Apparel activewear that is prominently displayed at the reception area.

Located at the Level 1 retail space, Pure Yoga Suntec City will open in Q2 2018. For more information, click here.

*Images of Pure Yoga Suntec City are artist impressions and are subjected to changes.

Brought to you by Pure Yoga Singapore.

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