Free Blindfold Yoga Class by Trium Fitness On March 31 to Raise Funds For Charity and Break National Record

Do your part for charity and break a national record when you participate in this complimentary blindfold yoga class.

Participants practising blindfold yoga in the event last November. All photos: Trium Fitness

Ever wondered what it feels like to do yoga while being blindfolded? Grab the opportunity to try blindfold yoga in a complimentary class conducted by Trium Fitness on March 31.

Beyond conducting a free class for all lies a greater cause – the event aims to raise awareness and garner support for Trium Fitness’ main beneficiary, Guide Dogs Association of the Blind (GDS).

Volunteers and members from GDS will be present for you to learn more about the organisation and to make donations.

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Offering up to 120 slots this year, Trium Fitness aims to set a national record for the largest number of people blindfolded and practising yoga together.

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but never had the confidence, now’s the perfect time to give it a shot. With all participants blindfolded, you’ll forget about being self-conscious, and instead, be able to focus solely on your movement.

Participants being guided by an instructor.

Still sounds daunting? Fret not, the 60-minute class is beginner-friendly and you will be guided by experienced teachers from Trium Fitness. Up to 20 volunteers will also be present to support and assist you. 

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For yogis, it will also be a novel experience as you rely completely on your sense of touch and hearing to develop an even greater awareness of your body and muscles.

The blindfold yoga event held last year at Trium Fitness.

While it is a bring-your-own-mat event, you can save the hassle of lugging your mat around by renting one at $5 on the spot. You’re required to bring your own blindfold as well (a towel would work fine!), or purchase one at $1 there. All proceeds will go to GDS.

The class will be held on March 31, 2018, at Aperia Mall’s indoor atrium from 10.30am to 11.30am.

To register, visit

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